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Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Head Teacher - Miss Bent


Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Brown


SENCO - Mrs Hazeldine


Child and Family Support Worker - Jane Brown


Foundation Stage

Mrs Wilson and Miss Nixon are our Foundation Teachers.

Mrs Stewart, Mrs Fells and Mrs Humphreys are our Teaching Assistants

Year 1

Mrs Maxwell and Mr Corbett are our Year 1 teachers.

Mrs Hart & Mrs  Harris are our Teaching Assistants.

Year 2

Miss Humber and Mrs Hazeldine, Miss Plummer, Mrs Duffin-Bowlerand Miss Vere are our Year 2 staff.


Year 3

Miss Greenhill and Miss Murray are the teachers in Year 3.

Mrs Butler is our Teaching Assistant.

Year 4

Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Wedderburn and Mrs Swain are the teachers in Year 4.  Miss Chadbund is the Teaching Assistant.

Year 5

Mr Dutton and Miss Ellis are the teachers in Year 5.

Mrs R Hunt and Mrs D Hunt are our teaching assistants.

Year 6

Miss Dabell and Mr Barwell teach the children in Year 6.

Mrs Poole is our Teaching Assistant.

Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs King are our Reading Support teachers.
Office Team - Mrs Overton, Mrs Page, Mrs Plaskitt, Mrs Calder & Mrs Coghiel
Our Site Manager is Mr Embleton and Mr Pear helps him look after our school site.
At lunch time Mrs Pear is our Senior Mid-day Supervisor.  Mrs Spinks, , Mrs Peters, Mrs Barrett, Miss Dance, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Braisby, Mrs Scott, Mrs Wright, Mrs Taylor, Mrs Blacknell, Mrs Brown, Mrs Spray and Mrs Smith are our Mid-day team.
Mrs Corah is our school Cook.

Growing together in learning, love and faith