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What is ERLL?

ERLL stands for 'Enriched Real-Life Learning'. It's full of different fun activities that teach us different skills.  

Story Writing Group Autumn 2017

The story writing ERLL group have been planning the characters for their stories by drawing them and then making notes about them. Keep looking to see how the stories progress. 


In Photography, we have been taking photo's of different examples of nature we could find around school.  

Spring Concert Choir Music


Act 1 03 Track 3.wma


Act 1 04 Track 4.wma

Blood Like Wine

Act 1 07 Track 7.wma

The Guillotine

01 Headlong Mad and Dangerous.wma

Headlong Mad and Dangerous

Act 1 08 Track 8.wma

Nothing That We Do

05 Track 5.wma

I am the Ressurection

06 Track 6.wma

Strange Chance Reprise

07 Track 7.wma

It is a far far better thing

Growing together in learning, love and faith