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with Mrs Wilson, Miss Nixon, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Hart. 



Sparkly Cats and Turtle Class

Sparkly Cats and Turtle Class 1
Sparkly Cats and Turtle Class 2

Early Years Foundation Stage Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Sparkly Cats and Turtle Classes. We want to start with a big thank you for the support you have given us so far in settling your children into school life. Many children arrive at school with a big smile and they have adapted well to our systems and routines. They have been very grown-up coming into school by themselves and putting their bags, water bottles and lunch boxes away independently.


Naming Items and Lost Property

To ensure that the children are able to find their own things and that lost items can be found please could you make sure that all their jumpers, coats, shoes, wellington boots, lunch boxes and water bottles have their name on. Sometimes it can take a few days for lost property to be found again so please be patient as we do our best to relocate missing items. You can help by reminding children to hang their coats on their pegs and put jumpers and cardigans into their book bags or jumper box. If you wish to look for lost property around school, you will need to use the main door and sign in at the Office Reception. Thank you.


It is school policy that all children now use a Blue Book Bag to transport their things to and from school. This ensures that letters, diaries, books, etc can be kept safe. Please make sure that children bring their bags to school every day. At the moment they may go home mainly empty but please check the bag each evening for any accident/bump notes or any other letters. If your child has not yet got a bag please purchase one from our school stockists. Thank you.



The whole school have a reward system called ClassDojo. It is a website based programme and each child has their own character that keeps count of the number of points they earn. In EYFS we give points for good thinking, helping, super sitting, good listening, fantastic tidying, putting your hand up, teamwork and for using good manners. When children reach 20 Dojos and then 40, 60 etc children from each class are rewarded with a toy from Miss Bent’s special box.


Mud Kitchen and Digging Pit

The children are loving working in our mud kitchen and digging pit where they are developing their physical, social, speaking, listening and mathematical skills as well as their imagination. We have trained them to put on aprons and wellingtons to protect their clothes and shoes. As the weather is getting cooler you may wish to provide an old coat or cagoule that you don’t mind getting dirty for your child to wear when learning outside. We are quite happy to keep these at school alongside their wellingtons.


Phonics and Reading

As the children are beginning to settle and follow our routines we will begin phonic assessments over the next couple of weeks. Then we will begin our group phonic sessions. We follow the Read Write Inc scheme. We teach 4-5 letter sounds each week and will be sending flashcards and letter formation sheets home on a weekly basis. It is important that you help your child to form the letters correctly so they are able to join them in the right way in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. When your child is able to recognise some initial sounds and blend for reading (this means sounding out letters in words and then putting them back together to say the word, eg c-a-t cat, t-a-p tap) then we will send a book home for them to practise reading with you. We also want the children to develop a love of stories and reading so will be asking the children to choose a book to take home that you can read to your child.


Foundation Stage Resources

We have had a great response so far regarding the letter  about resources for our outdoor areas.  We have had offers of gravel, slabs, baskets etc already. Please contact school if you have anything you wish to donate. Thank you. 


Online Payment System

You will receive information on how to make online payments for trips, visits and workshops in the future.


Please be aware that on other newsletters and information that EYFS may be referred to as being part of Key Stage 1 or as FS, FS2, Year R or Reception. We apologise for any confusion and hope this guide helps.


Thank you very much for all of your support,

The EYFS Team – Mrs Wilson, Miss Nixon, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Hart.

Growing together in learning, love and faith