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Foundation Stage

Welcome to the Foundation Stage

with Mrs Wilson, Miss Nixon, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Harris. 



Firecrest and Goldfinch Classes

Firecrest and Goldfinch Classes 1
Firecrest and Goldfinch Classes 2

Early Years Foundation Stage Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Firecrest and Goldfinch Classes. We want to start with a big thank you for the support you have given us so far in settling your children into school life. Many children are arriving each morning with a smile and are adapting well to our systems and routines. From Monday 9th September we would like all children to come through the EYFS doors by themselves. Please could you help prepare them for this over the weekend by reminding them that you will say goodbye at the door and that the teachers will help them to put their things in the right place. We will be rewarding the children with Dojo points for being independent.


Start and Finish Times

Goldfinch and Firecrest open at 8:45am so EYFS children can be dropped off first and then parents can accompany any older siblings to their playground for 8:50. Our doors will close at 8:55am. If you arrive after this time you will need to take your child to the school office. We finish school at 3:30pm. Thank you for being so patient with us as we get to know you all.


Staff in EYFS

In EYFS we very much work as a team and every member of staff will work with all the children. However, each teacher takes responsibility for a class so the Goldfinch teacher is Mrs Wilson assisted by Mrs Humphreys and Firecrest teachers are Miss Nixon and Mrs Cooper assisted by Mrs Harris. Every Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning Mrs Jenner will teach Goldfinch class as Mrs Wilson has time do management, planning, preparation and assessment tasks (PPA). Mrs Cooper will teach Firecrest every Friday and each Wednesday morning to cover Miss Nixon’s PPA.



EYFS do not have formal PE lessons during the Autumn term. We will let you know when your child will need to bring a PE kit into school.


Wellington Boots

Please can all children have a pair of named wellington boots in school so they can go outside to learn in all weathers. Goldfinch keep these in a named bag on their peg. Firecrest have shelves and boxes so they will not need a bag for their wellingtons.



The whole school have an information sharing and reward system called ClassDojo. It is a website based programme and each child has their own character that keeps count of the number of points they earn. In EYFS we give points to reward positive behaviour and attitudes such as listening, fantastic tidying, putting your hand up, teamwork, being brave and using good manners. We also share photographs and information about what we are learning each week and send you messages through the system. You can also message staff privately and share your child’s learning at home through the portfolios. If you haven’t joined ClassDojo yet, please see a member of staff for an invite as we would like everyone to take part.



Phonics and Reading

As the children are beginning to settle and follow our routines, we will begin phonic assessments. We follow the ReadWrite Inc scheme. We teach 4-5 letter sounds each week and will be sending flashcards and letter formation sheets home on a weekly basis. It is important that you help your child to form the letters correctly so they are able to join them in the right way in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. When your child is able to recognise some initial sounds and blend for reading (this means sounding out letters in words and then putting them back together to say the word, eg c-a-t cat, t-a-p tap) then we will send a book home for them to practise reading with you. We also want the children to develop a love of stories and reading so will be asking the children to choose a library book to take home that you can read to your child.


Key Stages

EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage (Age 4-5) – Sometimes we are known as Year R, Reception, FS or FS2.

Key Stage 1 – Years 1 and 2 (Age 5-7)

Key Stage 2 – Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 (Age 7-11)

Please be aware that on other newsletters and information that EYFS may be referred to as being part of Key Stage 1 or as FS, FS2, Year R or Reception. We apologise for any confusion and hope this guide helps.


School Uniform, Naming Items and Lost Property

We take pride in the appearance of our children and expect them to wear their uniform at all times. All items with a logo can be purchased from ‘Hucknall Sports’, on the High Street.

Girls · Navy skirt/pinafore dress/trousers (not leggings) · Navy school cardigan · Pale blue shirt/blouse/polo shirt (in KS1) · Navy/pale blue tie · White or blue socks or tights · Black, flat school shoes (not trainers) · Navy fleece with school logo (optional) During the summer, girls may wear: · Small check blue cotton dress · Pale blue polo shirt · Navy skirt, shorts or trousers · Navy school sun hat · Flat, sensible sandals Boys · Dark grey tailored trousers (not jeans, joggers, cords or skinny trousers) · Navy school sweatshirt/jumper · Pale blue shirt/polo shirt (in KS1) · Navy/pale blue tie · Black ‘school’ shoes (not trainers) · Navy fleece with school logo (optional) During the summer, boys may wear: · Pale blue polo shirt · Grey shorts or trousers · Navy school sun hats.


To ensure that the children can find their own things and that lost items can be found please could you make sure that all their jumpers, coats, shoes, wellington boots, lunch boxes and water bottles have their name on. Sometimes it can take a few days for lost property to be found again so please be patient as we do our best to locate missing items. You can help by reminding children to hang their coats on their pegs and put jumpers and cardigans into their book bags or the class jumper box. If you wish to look for lost property around school, you will need to use the main door and sign in at the Office Reception. Thank you.



Curriculum Information

This half-term our theme is ‘Rhythm and Rhyme’. Our topic will start with a visit from the Education Library Service who will be coming to share lots of books containing rhythm and rhyme with the children and then leave a selection of good quality books for us to use in school this half-term. You should have received an e-mail about this yesterday. Please let a member of the EYFS or Office staff know if you have not received this information. Below is an overview of some of the learning we will cover through this theme.

Topic Name

Rhythm and Rhyme

Educational visit or experience

Story telling visit from Inspire

Linked Text for English

Variety of Nick Sharratt and Julia Donaldson books

Communication and Language

Listening to a variety of Nick Sharratt and Julia Donaldson stories.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

New Beginnings

Understanding the World:-


People and Communities

Describe places which are important to them, i.e. home, classroom, school and local places. Harvest.

The World

Learning to take care of classroom resources to keep them safe for the future.


Using tills in the hat shop role-play.

Expressive Arts:-


Exploring and Using Media and Materials

Design and make a hat.

Being Imaginative

Hat Shop role-play.


We will provide more curriculum information as we start the theme through newsletters and ClassDojo.


Diary Dates

Tuesday 17/9 – Educational Library Visit

Thursday 26/9 – Parents invited to class to read with their child from 3:00pm

Week 30th September – RE – Decorate a Class Cross Week

Week 11th November – Anti-Bullying Week

Friday 6th December – Christmas Fair – 3:30pm to 5:30pm

Tuesday 10th, Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th December – EYFS/KS1 Nativity – 2:30pm



Please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff should you have any queries, questions or if you would like to talk to us about your child.


Thank you very much for your support,

Mrs Wilson, Miss Nixon, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Jenner, Mrs Humphreys and Mrs Harris.



Growing together in learning, love and faith