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Our Values

Here at Hucknall National C of E everything we do is rooted in our core values, which are displayed on our picture below:

Care, Share, Be Fair and Be the Best You Can Be.

Care, Share, Be Fair and Be the Best You Can Be. 1

These four core values are then further divided into 12 values which we incorporate into our worship and curriculum each half term.  The values are as follows:

Share - Respect

Care - Compassion

Be the Best - Perseverance

Fair - Forgiveness

Care - Trust

Be the Best - Hope

Care - Thankfulness

Care - Friendship

Fair - Justice

Be the Best - Courage

Be the Best - Acceptance

Share - Generosity

These values were agreed by children, staff, parents and Governors.

Once our values were decided, the children in each class designed a book to represent each of the twelve values.  The twelve books hang in our big hall and are used in our worship and curriculum.  They are also used to remind the children what our expectations for their behaviour are.  Some examples from our books are shown below:

Here are our thoughts about Respect

Here is what we think about Courage...

Our Foundation Children thought about the gift of Friendship...

Here are some ideas from Rainbow class about Generosity.

The Year 1 children made our book about Forgiveness. Here are some pages from it...

Year 4 Illustrated some examples of Trust...

Here are our thoughts about Justice...

Our School Song


We care,

We share,

Always be fair,

Be the best you can.


Dream Big,

Act Now,

Never give up,

You’re amazing!

Growing together in learning, love and faith