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School Tour

Welcome to our school

- we hope you enjoy our tour...

Here are our two halls. We use them for worship times, for PE and lunch. We are so lucky to have such lovely big spaces. See if you can spot our school values too.

Here is Foundation Stage. We have just redesigned it and now we have some fabulous new resources. You can see some of our outdoor area too.

Here are some displays from our Year 1 classrooms.

Here are some lovely pictures from Year 2. Some children are working with a teacher in the Conservatory area too.

This is our Year 3 area. You can see our two classrooms and an extra area where children can have some small group work too.

In Year 4 we have two lovely classrooms too. You can see some of the homework our children have completed - they are very clever!

Here is one of our Year 5 classes and the art area. We are so lucky to have so many extra spaces in our school.

This is Year 6. We have two large classrooms and lots of space where groups of children can have some extra support too. You can see some of our children's homework. They create some fabulous things.

Here are some of our extra teaching and learning areas.

This is our Reading Room.
We use this room for Phonics and whole class work.
This is our new meeting area.
Some children work in small group in our TA Base.
This is part of our Library.
Our baking area is used for reading too.

Our Out Of School Club is based here. We share these fabulous areas with them.

As we are a Church School, Christian values underpin our beliefs. We spend time learning about other religions and cultures too.

Here are some of our outdoor spaces.

This is right in the centre of our school.
We have s small pond and some gardening areas.
Our big playground has some great play areas.
We have some raised beds for gardening too.

Growing together in learning, love and faith