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Who’s Who

Come and meet the wonderful staff at our school!

Head Teacher - Miss Barratt


Deputy Head Teacher - Mrs Brown


SENCO - Mrs Hazeldine


Child and Family Support Worker - Jane Brown


EYFS Leader - Mrs Wilson


Key Stage 1 Leader - Mrs Maxwell


Upper Key Stage 2 Leader - Miss Murray


Lower Key Stage 2 Leader - Miss Dabell


EYFS - Mrs Wilson, Miss Nixon, Mrs Cooper, Mrs Harris and Mrs Humphreys. 


Year 1 - Mrs Maxwell, Mrs Shepherd, Mrs Brown, Miss Vere, Mrs Fells and Miss Jacques. 


Year 2 - Miss Greenhill, Mrs Swain, Miss Humber, and Mrs Stewart.


Year 3 - Mr Breedon, Mrs Wedderburn, Mrs Hazeldine, Mrs Butler and Mrs Deakin.


Year 4 - Miss Dabell, Mr Kenny, Mrs Doran, Mrs Hart and Mrs Hunt.


Year 5 - Mr Dutton, Miss Pell and Mrs Hunt.


Year 6 - Miss Plummer, Miss Murray, Mrs Poole, Mrs Doran and Miss Chadbund.


Mrs Jenner is our Cover Supervisor 


(Mrs Nuthall currently on maternity leave)



Office Team - Mrs Overton, Mrs Page, Mrs Plaskitt, Mrs Coghiel and Miss Denny-Howlett.


Our Site Manager is Mr Embleton and Mr Pear helps him look after our school site.  Mrs Davies comes in to clean school at lunch times.


At lunch time Mrs Pear is our Senior Mid-day Supervisor.  Mrs Spinks, Mrs Peters, Mrs Dance, Mrs Haynes, Mrs Scott, Mrs Wright, Miss Taylor, Mrs Blacknell, Miss Brown, Mrs Scanlon, Mrs Bostock, Mrs Bennett, Mrs Woodruff, Mrs Spray and Mrs Smith are our Mid-day team.


Ms Appleby is our school Cook.




Growing together in learning, love and faith