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Year 3

Dear Parents, 

Please be aware that Spellings and general messages are now posted on our ClassDojo pages. smiley

Year 3 - Ideas for topic based homework

Choose 5 pieces of homework. Complete 1 a week up until Christmas. Bring your completed homework into school to share with the class. All home learning should be brought into school by Thursday 20th December  to be shared with the class.


1.) Read and retell the story of Medusa, the Gorgon, who could turn people into stone if they looked at her. Illustrate your story with a detailed drawing of Medusa’s face showing her hair of venomous snakes.


2.) Design your own mythical creature. Which animals’ body parts could you include in your design? What personality will your creature have? 


3.) Find out about famous Greek philosophers such as Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes and Pythagoras. How did their work influence life today? 


4.) Read about Narcissus, the boy who fell in love with his own reflection. What is the moral of this story? Write a letter to Narcissus telling him to change his ways!


5.) Taste some traditional Greek food such as moussaka, figs, feta cheese, olives and Greek yoghurt. Write a food review describing what you have eaten.


6.) Plan a holiday to Greece. Look at websites and brochures. Which island would you go to and explain why?


7.) Take a daily run to get fit for the Olympic Games. Time yourself each day. Can you beat your personal best?


8.) Find out about the Trojan War. What happened? Make a model of a Trojan horse.


9.) Make a Spartan helmet or design a shield.


10.) Design your own Labyrinth.


11.) Create a picture of an imaginary Greek God. Make sure your poster is eye-catching and full of facts and information. Try to think of a symbol for your God.


12.) Write your name using the Greek alphabet. Are there any letters that are missing? What would you use instead?



Autumn Newsletter


Dear Parents / Carer,

Welcome to Year 3.  We have an exciting year of learning ahead for your children.

In this term our topic will be Time Travelling - beginning with a local History study of Hucknall and then moving onto Ancient Greece. On Monday 12th November we will be hosting a Greek Day. We ask for children to dress in traditional Greek costumes for this day however please do not feel you need to buy one, many wore white t-shirts and made their own head dress in previous years. Subjects will be taught with cross curricular links wherever possible, although some subjects, such as Maths, R.E and French will be taught discretely. 



The children will need their complete PE kit in on Monday morning and will be able to take it home on Friday if needed. Every Tuesday, Adorable Giraffes will be swimming until Christmas and Wise Hedgehogs will go swimming after Christmas. When your child’s class is not swimming, they will be doing PE on Tuesday afternoons.



For homework we have given the children a selection of tasks relating to our topic for them to investigate at home. We ask that they choose 5 tasks from the list and complete 1 each week. Some tasks may require parental support. At the end of each half term there will be a treat for the children who have completed the set amount of homework.


Reading, Mathletics and Spellings

We would like children to continue to read aloud every night for at least 15 minutes and would like you to record their progress in their reading diaries as these will be checked on a Monday morning. We will be running ‘Reading Club’ every Monday for children who have not read a minimum 3 times at home or have not taken a quiz the previous week. The children now have access to Mathletics and Accelerated Reader and are keen to work on this at home. We can track their progress at school and certificates will be awarded. The children will be receiving spellings which relate to the work being done in school, along with tricky words which children in year 3 are expected to be able to spell.


We always need helpers to listen to the children read and help in the activities going on in the classroom, so if you are available even on an irregular basis please do not hesitate to let us know.  This will include the various off-site visits as they occur.


Thank you for your continued support


Miss Greenhill, Mrs Hazeldine and Mrs Wedderburn

Year 3/4 Spelling List

Growing together in learning, love and faith